What you can expect in your sessions with me

Each session can be a unique experiance and can be customised to your liking and fetishes.

When booking a session, in your email you can ask to have (or not to have) any of the following.


If you require your sessions with NO MARKS then please be aware that I will do my best to adhere to this but sometimes it is not possible. If you ask for impact of any kind then marks WILL happen. I will worn you if your play session will leave marks or not while customising your session.


If there's any role playing you wish to include I'll be happy to include them into your session if I'm able to...

I aim to please. 



Specialise in Cock and Ball Torture I will push your cock to the limit for your pleasure.

Edge Play

I can push you to the very limit till you can't hold it in anymore.

Spanking, Whipping and Flogging

I know how to make you nice and sore. Bare hands or by using one of my many, many whips, paddles and floggers.

anal play and strapon

I know how some of you boys and girls like to be filled up in the naughty end, my strapon's and dildos will fill that hungry hole.

Needle play

For more hardcore sessions I specialise in needles to stimulate to a whole new level.

Nipple play

I tease and torment most parts of the body and the nipples are very sensitive to my sadistic touch.


Becareful I can bite hard and the marks still heal very quickly.

Shrink wrapping

I can bind you and your cock in many ways and using shrink wrap is very quick and easy to use, good for making the most of your time in sessions.


even the inside of your cock isn't safe from my sadistic hole fill. My selection of toys will get were others can't reach.


Another way to cause alot of pain with out the marks, especially effect last 5 minutes of a hard play session.

wax play

for some of you that need to be alittle messy I also specialise in max play. No marks... some torment... all pleasure!

Cock Binding

By using string or wool I can bind your cock as tight as can be for the ultimate thrill and sensitivity. Looks funny too.


Your will be crushed under my lush curvy body.  FYI I'm currently working on a trampling table - coming soon!


I like to put you subbys in your place with abit/alot of trash talking. Corpral punishment to follow for those who can't behave themselves.

knife play

Another hardcore play for unique subbys who need that special kinda edge.

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