Hello and Welcome to my Website

Firstly I’d like to apologize for not replying to any emails recently. There has been a problem with the email app I’ve been using. I wasn’t notified on any new emails received or load any new emails since the end of last year.


I’m deeply sorry for not getting back to any of you interested in sessions and shall reply to you all.


Good news is I’m back up and running for all naughty desires.


I am Miss Whiptease and I am providing a service to those people who have a deeper and darker desire that can only be full filled by

a dominant little angel like myself.


I provide a range of fetishes for both men and woman. TV/CD/TG's, Sissy's, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual's are all acceptable to me as I will not discriminate

to each person's unique ways of life and what they wish to experience from me.


Be aware that the dungeon is up on the second floor and there is no disabled access, sorry for the inconvenience.


Complete discretion and NO MARKS! if you require your sessions to be kept secret and quiet with no pictures or video taken or no need to make sure you have no marks to tell you've had your session then I can happily provide the complete discretion you need.


About Miss Whiptease.

Located in Stretton, Alfreton in Derbyshire


Hi and thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about me.



I'm a mature, busty mistress in her mid 40's and I have been in the fet scene for around 11 years now and 7 years of that I've been a professional Domme. I've also been a trusted player in needle and wax play at local dungeons in the area so my experience is trusted by other professionals. Every aspect in my profession has been carefully practiced so your safety is ensured at all time's and I work with safe words and traffic light systems to make sure your never in danger. Just because your safety is my priority doesn't mean that I will go easy on you, sadisticness is a major turn on for me so teasing, tormenting, denial, punishment and pain is my specialty.


I love all things pink and fluffy because that's how I see myself in life. I love horses and in my younger days I used to rear and raise them so expect a heavy hand in any flogging and whipping I do. I like my clients to be clean, presentable and polite during session's and if you misbehave you shall be dealt with in the usual manner, however, any abuse towards me will not be tolerated and will be immediately dismissed from the dungeon and from ever having another booking. 



***Please note***

Because I need to to have 100% focus and movement at all times during a session, for example, bending over to tie and bind limbs, swinging floggers and whips with near perfect accuracy, looking after your well being etc... I CAN NOT wear corsets and latex/PVC as they restrict movement.

This means you won't get the most out of a session and more importantly your safety if the worse happen's. I will dress comfortably seductive instead.



More of my sexy self!

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