This website is for 18+ only

Please note that this website is for people age 18+ and can only make a booking if they are aged 18+.

There is absolutly no sex advertised or sex for sale on this site.

Please be advised that if you consent to a booking on this site and with Miss Whiptease then you are accepting that you understand fully what you have concented to and what you will be recieving during a session with Miss Whiptease.

Miss Whiptease is not responsible for any injurys you have the possibility of recieving during a session.

Any moneys involved is regarded as a tribute for a service you wish to recieve by Miss Whiptease.

Any logo's on this site are self made and have no relevence to other websites or other products or companies.

Any Photo's used on this website is of Miss Whiptease, her belongings and has had permission from person's in the pictures to use them.

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